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While it is already snowing quietly here in Munich, I like to remember the last days of our Thailand trip, where we were guests in one of the most beautiful Health & Wellness Resorts ever ... The Chiva-Som . Chiva-Som is just an approximately 3 hours drive south of Bangkok ... rather small with only 54 room and Thai Pavillons surrounded by a tropical paradise. 

                                           Open Lobby & Thai Pavillion

The wonderful, Thai hospitality is again felt here within in the first minutes ... the entire staff seems to know me personally on the first day, which actually impressed me extraordinarily. Fortunately, I can say that I have traveled a lot in my life and was allowed to stay in the most diverse hotels ... but when shortly after moving into our gorgeous Thai pavilion the doorbell rang and MAY introduced herself as my personal butler and would help me unpack, I was very, very flattered ... She was just so delightful and fulfilled our every wish. Thank you May ... you are gorgeous !!!

My very personal "front garden" wearing a favorite batik dress by Lemoni 

View from Golden Bo Suite in a Zara linen dress

On the same day, we had a detailed, very honest conversation with our health and wellness advisor and received an individual heath and wellness concept for our stay, according to our wishes and goals ... which actually kept me quite busy, as I followed all the recommendations and loved just all ...

Waiting area for Women's Water Therapy Suite

Including such fond memories of an early morning on the way to "gentle yoga" ... I don't quite know how to put it into words ... the particularly pleasant climate, the chirping of exotic birds, and smiling gardeners bowing towards me shouting a cheerful "good morning". This may sound kitschy now, but it was just so beautiful.


Lovely gardens & outdoor Yoga platform 

The fitness facilities and courses are fantastic and as I said, "day filling" ... if there weren't the outstanding spa treatments as well ... I had put the focus  on "Mindfullness & Relaxation" during my stay ... besides a classic Thai massage I enjoyed "Chiva-Som Signature Deep Hand Massage", designed to thoroughly release tension that accumulates in the hands and arms from the multitude of daily tasks we use them for, like typing in our mobile phones or laptops ... and "Soothing Eye Treatment", a revitalising treatment that uses Argan oil and Sandalwood to soothe and refresh tired eyes (definitely would need this again:)).


                                                      Spa facilities

As you can imagine, guests come from all over the world with a wide variety of personal goals for their stay do come to Chiva-Som ... the treatments do not only provide deep relaxation for mind and body, but also bring health benefits including weight loss ... thus, on the daily menu in the restaurant, the exact nutritional values and calories are shown what makes it easy for the guest not to exceed a certain number of calories.


At this point I wanted to mention, that Chiva-Som is a Digital Detox place ... guest are asked to leave their mobile phones in the room and are not allowed to take photos ... quite a challenge for me ...  (I got an extra permission from marketing and communication team and made sure not to harm the policy) ... but so very relaxing for all guests. Privacy is a priority at Chiva-Som. 

Morning atmosphere at the restaurant right next to the ocean 

All in all, a wonderful experience ... far too short ... an extraordinary place to which one would like to return so very much to indulge oneself again with a very special "me-time".  Thank you so much for having us!

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